Bloodier than Blood

Twenty-something female film school grad working as a digital ad producer in Los Angeles.

I like movies, sports, politics, feminism, social justice, memes, and pop-culture. I post anything from movie screen-caps to naked ladies and everything in-between.
I like hyphens.



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  1. why do people get offended when confronted with their own privilege?

  2. trying to educate white boys oh god @___@

  3. rich white boyfriend from orange county doesn’t think affirmative action is fair i can’t make this shit up

  5. uusui:

    when ur friends are cool and talented and ur just


  6. That feel when trying to explain feminism and racial inequality to your boyfriend.

  7. How do you respond to someone who claims the “we should be nice to all people, being female or male doesn’t matter!” argument when it comes to women’s rights/oppression?

    I never know where to start in beginning that discussion and  I’m kind of pissed I even have to say anything.  I don’t owe you any explanation for why women are oppressed.  I don’t owe you education.


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  10. sharonosbourne:

    people that are in relationships but still flirt with you anyway


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